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Jul 02nd, 2015
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Torchlight Press Release

Hello Torchlight Fans!
Here's our latest press release:

Industry professionals received their first look at the upcoming ARPG for iOS and Android, Torchlight Mobile. Runic Games CEO, Max Schaefer joined developer Perfect World and publisher Fedeen Games to provide an introduction into the world of Torchlight Mobile, and guide media representatives through the all-new Torchlight experience. The gameplay and controls in the first playable demo received an overwhelmingly positive response from the participants.

"Torchlight Mobile is the real deal." - Hardcore Gamer

"...smooth with no lag, and controls were easy to use." - ZAM

Torchlight Mobile walked away from E3 2015 winning the "Best Mobile MMO or RPG" award from who calls the game "visceral, impactful, and fun,"

and also received a "Best Mobile MMO" award from, who says that Torchlight Mobile will be " one epic journey."

A Worthy Successor

Torchlight Mobile bears many similarities to its predecessors, both in terms of gameplay as well as visual aesthetics. Pets that can carry loot and fight alongside the player's characters will once again serve as one of the series' hallmarks. The fishing system, another fan favorite, is also confirmed to return. The entire game is crafted in the signature style of the Torchlight series, which is sure to strike a familiar chord with fans.

"It's definitely Torchlight through and through..." - Touch Arcade

The game features a smooth touch-based system that allows players to intuitively guide their characters through the world of Torchlight Mobile while not interfering with the on-screen action or being overly complex.

Unique Features:

An entirely new Torchlight game with a new story and new areas to explore
Easily accessible gameplay with fluid, unobtrusive controls
New playable races and classes exclusive to Torchlight Mobile
New skill augmentation system
PVP and multiplayer gameplay
New collectible pets system
Timed challenges
And more to come!
As development continues, more information will be forthcoming about new gameplay features, classes, story and more.

For more information on Torchlight Mobile, please visit:

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Aug 10th, 2015
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Interesting, I'll be waiting for your great game to play , greetings from Venezuela .
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Dec 05th, 2015
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I love this game. I have this in my PC.
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Feb 13th, 2016
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[b]When this game release????[/b]
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Jun 09th, 2016
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<<<zERo>>> wrote:[b]When this game release????[/b]

IdkIdk :lol:
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Dec 29th, 2016
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Waiting for your great game to play Gclub